On April 5-11, 2021 there took place “Startup Boost Week Vol.7” event, which is organized jointly with “Catalyst” High Technology and Entrepreneurship Development Foundation in cooperation with EU and GIZ to “Support to SME Development in Armenia” project co-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

“Rostelecom” Armenia supported the implementation of the event by sponsoring the awards of winning teams.

Considering the precautions measures due to COVID-19 pandemic this year SBW_Vol7 had a semi-online format gathering more than 100 young students at 8 focal points in Yerevan and regions, including Youth organizations and local tech companies in Gyumri (Annaniks and Chessify),  Vanadzor (SevenSmarts and Instigate Mobile), Dilijan (YCCD), Yerevan (“SMART Caffe” Entrepreneurship Center and Change Lab).

The event started with welcome addresses from EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin, Team Leader of EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” Project Wilhelm Hugo, CEO of “Rostelecom” Armenia Hayk Faramazyan and Co-founder of Catalyst” High Technology and Entrepreneurship Development Foundation Ashot Arzumanyan.

"For the fourth time, “Rostelecom” Armenia supports the Startup Boost Week event, hoping that this year, as in previous years, the students will perform with the same enthusiasm and generate brilliant ideas. During these seven days, the students, despite this year's online format, were able to present ideas that can surely become very successful businesses in the future. We are glad to have our contribution to the development of creative and innovative thinking among students and the development of future startups," mentioned the CEO of “Rostelecom” Armenia, Hayk Faramazyan

“Startup Boost Week Vol_7” is a 7-day event to promote entrepreneurial thinking among students. During the three days of the event students from different universities had the opportunity to work together, form teams, generate ideas and tried to realize them through integration in Startup culture. Participants got the opportunity to meet and work with experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and investors, introducing their ideas to the experienced jury.

"Startup Boost Week is called to promote the development of healthy entrepreneurship, the emergence of interregional, inter-university cooperation. It gives an opportunity to come up with ideas and implement them," said Wilhelm Hugo, head of the Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia project team at the EU Business Initiative.

As a result of 7 days of competition, 20 teams were formed, which presented their ideas to the jury at the end of the 7th day.

The winning teams are:

1st place - HealthyChallenges: an app that promotes a healthy lifestyle by challenging users to do physical tasks.

2nd place - Anger Room: a solution that helps users to relax by breaking objects in Virtual Reality.

3rd place - PerfectLook: an AI-based app, that helps to discover and buy clothes that fit a user’s figure type.

“Rostelecom” Armenia awarded the winner teams with prizes in the amount of 350, 250, and 150 euros to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners accordingly, as well as a bundle of mind-blowing books.

4 teams got special prizes:

ArmBionics helps people who have lost their upper limbs to meet their basic daily needs by providing affordable prostheses and providing social services. The team got an exclusive opportunity to get mentorship and support from jury members as well as a ticket to interview for Armenia Startup Academy Batch 7 pre-acceleration program.

EasyCook allows users to get a recipe for the products they have at home, as well as a platform where users post their recipes and get new ones. Team members won a ticket to Hero House Entrepreneurship Assistants’ School Batch 4.

Kangar is an app that helps users save their time by providing them with directions, arrival time, and location of public transport. The team will have a chance to collaborate with gg.

Kid’s Lock: an app that educates children while they are using the mobile phone and helps parents to control the use of the phone. gg will help the team with the implementation of the project.


About EU4Business Technology Development for Armenia Project

EU4Business “Technology Development for Armenia’’ is part of the EU4Business “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” project, which is co-funded by the European Union and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by German Development Cooperation GIZ through the Private Sector Development and TVET South Caucasus Programme. It aims at creation and further development of investable and innovative ventures in Armenia leading to stronger and competitive tech and innovation ecosystems with potential export orientation, increased number of Science2Business2Education cooperation platforms, and higher participation in HORIZON 2020 and HORIZON Europe innovation programmes.


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About Catalyst Hi-Tech and Entrepreneurship Development Foundation

Catalyst Hi-Tech and Entrepreneurship Development Foundation aims to contribute to the development of the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in Armenia. The Foundation has a number of initiatives aiming to fuel the Armenian startup ecosystem with competitive skills and develop a pipeline of capable companies, including Hero House, Armenia Startup Academy, AI Incubator,Entrepreneurial Assistant School, Startup Boost Weekends, etc. To learn more about the Foundation, you can visit


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