Technical Maintenance 02.08.2021
Dear Subscribers,   Please be advised that due to scheduled technical maintenance aimed at improving the services, possible short-time interruptions of services are expected for the period of 04:00-08:00, August 3. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Changes in Channel List 01.07.2021
Dear subscribers, We would like to inform you that from August 1 the Outdoor TV channel will stop broadcasting.

New Channels in Our List 25.06.2021
Dear subscribers! We would like to announce that 2 new channels have been added to the list of Smart TV channels: Լուրեր (CH 2) and FreeNews (CH11) . The channels are available to all our subscribers regardless the tariff plan. Also, Smart TV channel numbering has changed....

June 21 Sales and Service Centers will Be Closed 21.06.2021
Dear subscribers, We would like to inform you that on 06/21/2021 service and sales centers st. Nalbandyan 28/1 and Vega will be closed.

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