Rostelecom <![CDATA["ROSTELECOM" SUPPORTS "EPIC" ROCK FEST ARMENIA]]> 12:54 <![CDATA[TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE]]> 15:34 <![CDATA[MORE BENEFICIAL CONDITIONS FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF DUO SERVICE PACKAGE]]> 16:35 <![CDATA["ROSTELECOM" announces about the contest "THANKS TO INTERNET 2017"]]> 11:29 <![CDATA["ABC OF INTERNET" PROJECT PARTICIPANTS IN ALAVERDI AND AMASIA RECEIVED CERTIFICATES ]]> 14:31 <![CDATA[FOR THE THIRD TIME PROJECT “NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS” WAS HELD IN ARMENIA]]> 15:09 <![CDATA["ART FOR EVERYONE" EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM WAS HELD FOR "SOS KIDS VILLAGE"]]> 14:34 <![CDATA[TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE]]> 10:02 <![CDATA[Organizers spoke about unique Epic Rock Festival 2017]]>օpen-air-rock-fest_201711.07.2017 14:10օpen-air-rock-fest_2017 <![CDATA[TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE]]> 15:11 <![CDATA["Rostelecom" evaluates the "I Love Rostelecom" photo contest]]> 13:38 <![CDATA[TUMO SUMMER SCHOOL]]> 16:04 <![CDATA[DOMAIN REGISTRATION IN INTERNATIONAL ZONES]]> 16:55 <![CDATA[ROSTELECOM ARMENIA GENERAL DIRECTOR LECTURED ON AIESEC FORUM]]> 15:55 <![CDATA[TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE]]> 11:50 <![CDATA[TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE]]> 16:56 <![CDATA["Zangi" via "Rostelecom" Smart TV solutions, Press Conference]]> 15:50 <![CDATA[NEW SPECIAL OFFER MAXPLUS]]> 16:04 <![CDATA["Rostelecom" football team has joined Orran inniciative ]]> 15:36 <![CDATA["Rostelecom" has started the third annual project "New Opportunities For Students"]]> 11:46 <![CDATA[Andragogy training course for 50+ was launched in Amasia, Shirak]]>азбука-интернета-в-армении19.05.2017 11:39азбука-интернета-в-армении <![CDATA[]]> 10:28 <![CDATA[]]> 10:09 <![CDATA[Rostelecom Armenia and Russian Art Gallery in Yerevan continue implementation of the joint project]]>արվեստ28.04.2017 08:59արվեստ <![CDATA["Rostelecom" in Armenia and SOAR Armenia repaired garden at Kharberd specialized kid's home]]>խարբերդ28.04.2017 08:52խարբերդ <![CDATA["Rostelecom" launched the project called ABC of Internet in Alaverdi]]>ալավերդի28.04.2017 08:42ալավերդի <![CDATA[WORKING HOURS FOR APRIL 24]]> 10:49 <![CDATA[TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE]]> 09:55 <![CDATA[SUBSCRIBERS OF QAJARAN CITY WILL BE SERVED AT A NEW ADDRESS, ABOVYAN 4-61]]> 13:09 <![CDATA["Rostelecom" has signed a MoU with National Politechnic University of Armenia]]>հուշագիր10.04.2017 14:17հուշագիր <![CDATA[“ROSTELEKOM” ANNOUNCES A CONTEST FOR STUDENTS OF THE NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF ARMENIA]]>մրցույթ03.04.2017 16:48մրցույթ <![CDATA[TERMINATION OF SOCIAL PACKAGE ]]> 15:35 <![CDATA[]]> 15:23 <![CDATA[]]> 15:17 <![CDATA[CHANGES IN HOSTING TERMS AND CONDITIONS]]> 14:59 <![CDATA[SUBSCRIBERS OF VANADZOR CITY WILL BE SERVED ONLY AT TIGRAN METS 26]]> 12:25 <![CDATA[GENERAL DIRECTOR OF "ROSTELECOM" IN ARMENIA CONGRATULATED WELL FAMOUS WOMEN IN GYUMRI]]> 16:03 <![CDATA[“ROSTELEKOM” STARTED THE VISITS TO ARMENIAN WELL-KNOWN WOMEN]]>կանաց-միամսյակ08.03.2017 15:44կանաց-միամսյակ <![CDATA[KASPERSKY and ESET NOD32]]> 13:43 <![CDATA[CHANGES IN THE CHANNEL LIST OF SMART TV]]> 14:41