Rostelecom <![CDATA[]]> 09:14 <![CDATA[]]> 17:50 <![CDATA[Sales and Service Centers Work Schedule on September 21st]]> 15:13 <![CDATA[“ROSTELECOM” ARMENIA PRESENTS “1 MONTH FOR FREE” OFFER]]> 10:14 <![CDATA[NEW OFFER "1 MONTH FREE"]]> 14:51 <![CDATA[Changes in Channel List]]> 13:18 <![CDATA[ROSTELECOM PROVIDES AMD 1.5M IN FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO GAVAR POLYCLINIC]]> 10:04 <![CDATA[Technical Maintenance - 06.08.20]]> 16:00 <![CDATA[Changes in Channel List]]> 20:12 <![CDATA[Smart TV Problem]]> 20:29 <![CDATA[]]> 16:09 <![CDATA[Suspension of the "Good days from Rostelecom" special offer]]> 12:59 <![CDATA[“HAPPY WEEKEND”: “ROSTELECOM” ARMENIA PRESENTS NEW OFFER ]]> 13:25 <![CDATA[Happy Weekend New Offer ]]> 14:02 <![CDATA[Suspension of Deffered Payment Service]]> 00:19 <![CDATA[Changes in Channel List]]> 15:31 <![CDATA[]]> 15:26 <![CDATA[Technical Maintenance - 24.06.20]]> 15:09 <![CDATA[]]> 14:05 <![CDATA[Central Sales and Service Centre will be Closed on June 11]]> 22:47 <![CDATA[Technical Maintenance in Ejmiatsin and Metsamor]]> 10:10 <![CDATA[Sales and service centre of Rostelecom in Abovyan city, will be temporarily closed]]> 10:12 <![CDATA[Sales and service centre of Rostelecom in Kapan, will be temporarily closed]]> 10:32 <![CDATA[All Kids Channels will Be Available]]> 07:44 <![CDATA[]]> 23:01 <![CDATA[Sales and service centre of Rostelecom in Sevan, will not be temporarily open]]> 09:07 <![CDATA[RUSSIAN ART MUSEUM PRESENTS ITS WEB PAGE WITH SUPPORT OF “ROSTELECOM” ARMENIA]]> 15:27 <![CDATA[Changes in Channel List]]> 09:17 <![CDATA[The Sales and Service Centers be Resumed]]> 10:14 <![CDATA[Artsakh TV Channel will be Temporarily Unavailable]]> 16:33 <![CDATA[“ROSTELECOM” ENABLES SUBSCRIBERS TO PAY IN INSTALLMENTS]]> 10:39 <![CDATA[Installment Payment Service at Emergency Situation]]> 10:15 <![CDATA[“ROSTELECOM” RE-OPENS A SALE AND SERVICE OFFICE IN YEREVAN]]> 14:55 <![CDATA[The Central Sales and Service Center be Resumed]]> 19:25 <![CDATA[ “ROSTELECOM” IS GRATEFUL TO CUSTOMERS FOR SUPPORTING THE COMPANY]]> 16:29 <![CDATA[ALL Movies, TV Shows, Entertainment and Kids Channels Available Another Month at no Extra Charge]]> 14:37 <![CDATA[ “ROSTELECOM” PROVIDES WIFI ACCESS AT “NORK” INFECTIOUS CLINICAL HOSPITAL]]> 11:00 <![CDATA[Rostelecom will Provide WiFi at the Nork Infectious Clinical Hospital]]> 17:54 <![CDATA[Technical maintenance 15.04.20]]> 12:16 <![CDATA["ROSTELECOM" PRESENTS ANOTHER TOOL FOR REMOTE WORKING AUDIO-CONFERENCE SERVICE]]> 17:09