On June 13, 2017 “Rostelecom” in Armenia and representatives of Zangi held a press conference  announcing the start of collaboration between the two companies: Armenian messanger Zangi will be presented on “Rostelecom” in Armenia Smart TV: Smart TV subscribers will be able to make free calls, video calls or messages. Thus, the two Armenian companies cooperate for the benefit of the Armenian consumer.
“This is a unique cooperation in Armenia, as currently “Rostelecom” in Armenia is the first and the only operator to provide its subscribers with the opportunity to communicate with their relatives through their TV screens. The new service like any technological inovative solution makes life and communication easy and affordable. We underscore the advantages of the Zangi messenger which make the application interesting not only for Armenian but also foreign users", said the general director of "Rostelecom" in Armenia Hayk Faramazyan.
Zangi messenger has several competitive advantages: it is available everywhere, even in 2G / EDGE networks or in overloaded Wi-Fi networks; it saves traffic (1 MB internet is for up to 7 minute conversation); it is secure (all data are encoded, while letters and contacts are not stored on its servers); it provides high-quality HD calls and video calls.
Vahram Martirosyan - the founder and general director of Zangi noted that the cooperation with “Rostelecom” in Armenia  will allow the company to enter new markets in a new format,: "I can assure that the Zangi application is one of the best technological solutions, and it is competitive both in Armenia and abroad, even among the lateest technologies. It is noteworthy that we have already registered 1.5 million official users, and the number of daily downloads counted for thousands".
“This cooperation is of special importance for us as two Armenian companies integrate their potential to develop and push Armenian technologies forward”, said general director of "Rostelecom" in Armenia Hayk Faramazyan.
The latest update of "Rostelecom" in Armenia television software offers some changes and inovations including Online TV and weather forecast for Armenian, Russian and European subscribers.
To use Zangi messenger from TV screen subscribers should enter a phone number and then register, enter the phone number registered in Zangi on the TV keyboard and press the green button, then  the application will select the service - free call, video call or message.
Free calls
By typing the user number, it is possible to make and receive free calls within "Zangi" network with HD quality.
Free messages
You can send and receive messages free of charge. Stickers are also available. To use them you need to add in favourite pack from the sticker shop. Armenian stickers included.
«Zangi» (
Zangi is a messenger that works everywhere. Among the number of equivalent messengers, this application uses the lowest scope of internet in the world providing high-quality video calls, voice calls and instant messages.
"Zangi" corporation was established in 2009. Since 2015 it has been available for iOS and Android systems.  
Zangi is a provider of technical solutions in the field of communications and software. The main product of the company is the technical platform it is possible to create applications that provide modern communication and server solutions, such as video calls, voice calls, IP telephone, instant messages.