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With the support of “Rostelecom” in Armenia, a group of students from the Department of Economics and Management of the Yerevan State University have launched their project aimed at connecting youth and cultural events in the city.
The “Marketing in theater” project touched the problem of access and interest of students in cultural values of the nation and was organized in the Yerevan Chamber Theater.
“The students covered today a number of sensitive issues as inseparable part of our life and the role of theater in their everyday life. In my opinion now more than ever we need to introduce the real situation in the sector and present the youth analysis of current state. Besides, serious attitudes towards the project prove that students have provided a non-traditional and interesting approach to the problem solution by implementing a successful advertising campaign within their university. Our company implements a number of projects for the youth and many of them have already received job offers. I am glad we are able to support the students in such a project and I am sure that these young people will succeed and have great achievement in future”, said General Director of "Rostelecom" in Armenia Hayk Faramazyan.
The event consisted of two parts; the students had a presentation on their analysis named "Four Marketers Love Confession" in the first part and later the audience enjoyed the performance of the Yerevan Chamber Theater "Love Confession" performance.  
The staff of Yerevan Chamber Theater assisted the students and provided to them with an opportunity to present their project to the audience before the performance from the stage.
Thus, the students of Department of Economics and Management of Yerevan State University managed to deliver the importance of theater to students through the project and link youth and theater with non-traditional and unique solutions.