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"Rostelecom" in Armenia has summed up the results of the "Thanks to Internet 2017" contest announced in July for 50+ aged and older users.
To participate in the contest they had to fill in the application form on the website and upload an essay on the importance of the Internet in their life.
The winner from Armenian was Anahit Sargsyan (55 years), who told her short story about the Internet. She was awarded with prize at central sales and customer service of “Rostelecom” in Yerevan.
The contest nominations were: “Internet Entrepreneur”, “Internet Employer”, “My achievements” via Internet”, “Internet traveler” and others.
In 2017 special prizes were awarded to participants aged 90 and older.
The competition "Thanks to Internet 2017" is organized in Russia in the scope of the project "Azbuka Interneta" for 50+ aged people.
Detailed information on the competition as well as about the winners is available on the project website։ 
Participants from Armenia have also been awarded these years. Thus in 2015 three Armenian participants were awarded with tablets and in 2016 two participants received computer equipment.
The project "Azbuka Interneta" is held by "Rostelecom" in Armenia since 2015 and the goal of the project is to enhance elderly users with computer skills through special classes.
In 2017 the andragogy consistent courses were held in Amasia and Alaverdi.