Armenian ICT representatives, General Director of “Rostelecom” Armenia Hayk Faramazyan and General Director of “Synopsys Armenia “Hovik Musayelyan.

“Rostelecom” Armenia General Director shared his experience and formula of success, presented his 20 years experience in ICT sphere on how to establish, enhance and promote your business, as well as overcome the barriers.

“Before starting any business, a person has to understand the role he wants to handle, either he wants to be an employee or a founder, shareholder. Every manager, businessman, succeeds by using own methods, having own dreams and vision, and if we go through the success stories of the world's most leading entrepreneurs, one thing is inevitable - each of them is the creator of his own success with unique outline. That is the reason why you should be open for innovations, despite of the type and sphere of activity", noted Hayk Faramazyan.

According to Faramazyan there are no universal rules for doing business, he said, there are still some stages for start-ups on the way to success.

General Director mentioned that the first important step for business is development of business idea, to reach it we need to dream and to follow inspiring but realistic ideas.

The next step on establishing a business is designing a realistic and well balanced business development strategy, as well as inviting reliable professionals to join your staff, establishing favorable environment on workplace for each of them to feel comfortable in company ecosystem.

Speaker pointed one of the important steps which is the process of stabilization, when it is necessary not to lose the sense of reality and not to expand constantly when everything seems good, because the company may face failure and appear downstairs by enlarging enormously.

Summarising, the head of the most dynamically developing telecom company said that one should always be ready to face problems and obstacles, and to move forward without extra emotions, and to come over the challenges with support of advocates and partners.