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On September 1, 2017 Armenian Red Cross Society and "Rostelecom" in Armenia provided children from dormitories in Hrazdan with school bags and stationery.

The presents were prepared in the framework of “Socio-psychological support to children and lonely refugees” program.
"The 1st of September 1 is a special day for everyone, especially children. It is the start of new achievements, knowledge and discoveries.

I hope these gifts from us and Armenian Red Cross Society will encourage children to start this new academic year with enthusiasm, smiles and  have excellent results," said Rostelecom" Armenia CEO Hayk Faramazyan.
"Socio-psychological support to children and lonely refugees" program was renovated in February, 2015. It aims at social integration and improvement of the living conditions of lonely refugees and children. Within the framework of the program, volunteers are organizing a variety of trainings.

They help children to carry out their homework, organize cultural events, visits, organize movie sessions and discussions on different issues and projects.  
“Children aged 7-14 from dormitories, 120 lonely refugees are involved in the "Socio-psychological support program" and all the support is delivered with the help of 34 local volunteers.  
The program is being implemented in 3 dormitories (Artsakh 4/10, 10/1, Shirak 2A/7, Nor Nork  Moldovakan 29/1), as well as in Kotayk region Hrazdan college and Abovyan 1 dormitories (Hatis 4 street)․
The program also includes support to single elderly refugees, volunteers visit them once a week.

They help to organize day to day activities, as well as social and cultural events.
Once in a month they provide the refugees with food packages and once a three month provide with household goods. In winter, they cover the cost for some services.  
The Armenian Red Cross (ARCS), is Red Cross International full member, guided by the Red Cross and Red Cross international movement principles, and is supporting organization working close to the state government.
The mission of Armenian Red Cross Society is to reduce the vulnerability of the population through mobilization of humanity, getting prepared to the situations, which may cause vulnerability among the population, as well as by assisting people living poor socio-economic conditions.
More information about the ARCS activities in Armenia is presented on the official website