Online Subscription is a Reality


 Rostelecom services subscription is available online as well.

Rostelecom clients from Armenia's capital and provinces now enjoy online subscription service.


Web Sales

The company clients can subscribe to its services staying at home and just using their PCs. They fill application form online, and after the specialist’s visit the connections are made. The procedure lasts up to 10 days. This method saves not just time but money as well.

“Taking into account the large number of our official website (www.rtarmenia.am) active visitors, up to 6,000- 7,000 per day, the company designed the online subscription. Our website is attractive for its simplicity and content – subscribers and potential clients easily find necessary information. Using the Online subscription tool the citizens may check availability of Rostelecom services in their addresses. To become a client they just need to fill in the application form and connection will be made within 10 days. I think this version is convenient for many people, especially working citizens,” Rostelecom Group member GNC-ALFA CJSC General Director Hayk Faramazyan said.