Night double acceleration


Taking into a consideration various opinions and requests expressed by our customers, Rostelecom doubles the internet speed during the night hours.  Fast internet becomes more affordable this spring.

Night double acceleration

In the period from March 1-st to June 1-st, the tariff plans Unlim, Unlim Long-term, Unlim Long-Term + and Unlim Partner with the internet speeds of 10 Mb/s, 14 Mb/s and 17 Mb/s, will be doubled to 20 Mb/s, 28 Mb/s and  34 Mb/s accordingly. The speed acceleration is available from 01:00 to 09:00.

The customers of Trio Constructor Long-term and Trio Constructor Long-Term + tariff plans, will also be able to use the double acceleration increasing the internet speed from 22 Mb/s and 33 Mb/s to 44 Mb/s and 66 Mb/s accordingly.

Rostelecom values the opinions of all its subscribers and strive to provide a quality internet services not only to new but also the existing customers.