Being of strategic importance for the country the stable and unobstructed work of telecommunication companies is highly appreciated especially during mass events.

One of the leading Internet providers in Armenia, which over the past 10 years provides high-speed Internet connection throughout the entire territory of Armenia based on advanced optical network and technological solutions is “GNC ALFA” company ("Rostelecom" Armenia).

In the context of recent events, the company has provided stable and quality Internet service, giving people the opportunity to track the events and news online.

Since the news agencies put the main emphasis on online resources and broadcasting, and despite the network being overloaded, the company’s customers had the opportunity to watch and be informed about the ongoing news without any obstacle with high-speed internet connection.

It is already 5 years since the caches of world content providing companies, such as Google (together with YouTube),,, ( and also Facebook (from 2017 onwards) are located at the company’s data center. This means that the content of these resources is installed in Armenia, allowing company's each customer to access the materials circulating in those resources several times faster.
The corresponding departments of the company, especially the technical staff, have been working in an enhanced 24/7 mode these days to maintain the normal uninterrupted operation of the network, so that all users have access to high-quality internet connection.

"Over the years, “GNC-ALFA” has made deep and technological investments in Armenia by building a wide fiber-optic network as well as connecting with the world’s most significant centers outside of the country. Our company's entry to telecommunication market has greatly contributed to the sharp decline in the internet prices and increase of speeds, allowing all users in Armenia, companies and state structures to use modern high-speed internet and related services with low-cost prices in the region. As for the recent developments in telecommunication sphere, I can say for sure that "GNC-ALFA" CJSC has always kept high positions in terms of both service quality, and stability and confidence maintenance in any situation. I can assure that all this exists thanks to our professional team, the continuous and dedicated work of each of us.  The customers’ overall satisfaction during the recent nationwide movement states that “GNC-ALFA” is the most reliable and stable service provider. We express our gratitude towards our customers, as well as to those, who decided to join us and use our services”, - noted the CEO of "GNC-ALFA" CJSC, "Rostelecom" Armenia Hayk Faramazyan

The head of the company added that despite all the achievements, company customer’s needs and suggestions still continue to be a priority, and all team efforts are aimed at providing them with 24-hour quality and up to date services.