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On April 26, 2017 in Alaverdi, Lori Region, the "Azbuka Interneta" (ABC of Internet) course was launched for middle and high (50+) aged citizens and the program was held in Armenian for the first time.
In Alaverdi courses in Armenian language were organized by the “Rostelecom” in Armenia in the scope of cooperation with the Word Vision Armenia joint program.

Before the courses volunteers took part in the short training-course on specificity and approach in teaching the elderly, where they got acquainted with the psychological and methodological aspects of education of elder generation.
Trainings for the elderly students are held in the computer room of the Resource Center for Disabled people and elderly in Alaverdi. ”Rostelecom” provided high-speed Internet connection for the classes in the center.
The aim of the course is to support the development of computer and Internet skills of middle and high (50+) aged people in the area and the project has been specifically developed in easy-to-understand manner for the target group.

The duration of the course is 12 hours, with 10 participants of 60-75 age.
The trainings in Armenian language for the first time were held in Alaverdi. In 2015-2016 the program  was implemented in computer labs of the Yerevan branch of the V.Plekhanov University, together with the Russian Center of Culture and Science (Rossotrudnichestvo) in Armenia, volunteers of the University conducted the courses with participation of Russian speaking elderly people.
Now the book has been translated into Armenian language and the project has expanded the scope of beneficiaries, including 50+ residents in Yerevan and regions of Armenia.
""Rostelecom" in Armenia attaches special importance to the implementation of this project in Armenia. I am convinced that all representatives of our society should have the opportunity to acquire minimum set of skills to benefit from computers and Internet, as it is impossible to imagine our life without new technologies. Besides, our cooperation with different centers in regions of Armenia contribute to creation of new jobs opportunities, which is another achievement of our program. We plan to expand the framework of the project by involving new regions", said "Rostelecom" Armenia GD Hayk Faramazyan.
About the project "ABC of Internet" (
"ABC of Internet" is a special project designed for middle-aged people providing information on all basic tools and functions of communication via PC.

The project is held in Russian Federation for about 5 years and for both the project and the elderly it is beneficial.
The training's are conducted through the "ABC of Internet" special tutorial where each of the 12 sections has a separate class of lessons from computer parts to online shopping skills.
In particular, the handbook used in the course includes "Working with Texts", "Internet", "Information Search in Internet", "Secure Internet", "Electronic Services", "State bodies", "Online Shopping", "Online Communication" other sections on the development of computer skills.
The handbook has been specially developed for the Armenian audience as well and in this version there are adopted websites of the Armenian state bodies and online services, other local companies, and important information sources.