New Year's Eve surprise for those who are for high-speed Internet.

Since December 2, you will be given a brilliant opportunity to receive TRIPLE Internet speed.

By simply joining the Mono tariff plan for one year or renewing the contract, enjoy triple-speed Internet for the whole year.

Hurry to join the offer by 15․02․2020.




x3 Triple Speed

Monthly Payment


9 Mbps

27 Mbps

6 000 AMD


20 Mbps

60 Mbps

7 000 AMD


40 Mbps

up to 100 Mbps*

7 500 AMD


75 Mbps

up to 100 Mbps*

10 000 AMD


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All prices are presented in AMD, including VAT.

* Internet access cannot exceed 100 Mbps.

GPON technology provides unrestricted symmetric Internet access up to the speeds specified in the tariff plans (maximum speed 100 Mbps) via wired connection. The WiFi connection speed is due to the technical capability of the device / devices used by the subscriber.

Trio SP channels are not fixed and can be changed at any time by the Operator.