Fixed telephony for small businesses provide the following services:


  • Stay in touch with your partners via high-quality telephony at affordable prices;
  • Make international calls;
  • Subscribe without signing a long-term contract;
  • Make a payment after using the service.


Monthly payment 300 dram 500 dram 2 000 dram
Included minutes to RA fixed networks 0 min./month 100 min./month 500 min./month
Calls to RA fixed networks 5 dram/min. 4.5 dram/min. 4 dram/min.
Calls within the tariff plan* 0 dram/min.
Calls to RA mobile networks 19 dram/min.
Calls to NKR fixed networks 18 dram/min.
Calls to NKR mobile networks 35 dram/min.
Service activation fee** 14,000 AMD


International call tariffs



Prices are in Armenian dram and include VAT.

One-time activation fee is applied only once, regardless of the number of activated services.